Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the M5 Video Guide on DVD?
Answer: No. The M5 Video Guide is available via internet access only, in a secured members area. This is because the business model of a DVD is poorly suited to the nature of the M5 Video Guide, which includes over 25 links to products, services and companies related to the E39 M5. In addition, there are a number of important documents and articles on the E39 M5 in .PDF files that can be accessed inside the private members area.

Lastly, the M5 Video Guide is updated with new videos from time to time and members are notified immediately. This means prior versions of a DVD would become obsolete.

Can I download the videos to watch them on my own media device?
Answer: No. To protect you from fraud and unauthorized distribution accross the internet, videos are only available via secured, in-browser, web-only delivery.

Is the M5 Video Guide compatible with Windows and Mac?
Answer: Yes ! The M5 Video Guide is optimized for all media devices.

I have lost my login/ password. How can I get access?
Answer: You can login to and recover your password for the M5 Video Guide here.

How long will I have access to the videos?
Answer: The M5 Video Guide membership is lifetime access.

Can I share my Login with other people?
Answer: To protect you from fraud, your account will be disabled if it is accessed from more than two IP addresses within a 24 hour period. If this happens, please contact us here.


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