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A BMW E39 M5 owner and enthusiast himself, Brooks uses video to show people how to intelligently buy and cost effectively maintain the 2000-2003 BMW M5. His M5 Video Guide has saved people thousands of dollars showing them what to look for when buying the E39 M5 so they enjoy the best possible ownership experience.

M Diesels Continue The Division’s Progressive Thinking

If you’re a follower of things M from BMW, you will have learned of BMW’s launch of the M Performance cars that are based on a new generation of 6-cylinder triple turbo diesels. Like us, your first reaction would have been to say that it’s another bastardization of the storied M badge. But look at the numbers and they get pretty interesting. How about 400 horsepower and 37 miles per gallon? And a torque figure that makes the E39 M5’s V8 look wimpy.

Admittedly, the engine revs to less than 6,000 rpm, and there’s no glorious engine note whatsoever, but as a powerplant for the street, doesn’t a 400 horsepower diesel that returns 37 mpg beat a raucous V8 that seems to be best friends with gas stations along your route? And how about torque that’s available a few thousand rpms lower than the S62’s? To be sure, the S62 found in the E39 M5 would trump the M Performance diesels at the track. But isn’t the 5-series M meant to be rapid transport for the enthusiast executive? Given those parameters, the new M diesels are worthy of a serious look instead of outright dismissal.

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