M Diesels Continue The Division’s Progressive Thinking

If you’re a follower of things M from BMW, you will have learned of BMW’s launch of the M Performance cars that are based on a new generation of 6-cylinder triple turbo diesels. Like us, your first reaction would have been to say that it’s another bastardization of the storied M badge. But look at the numbers and they get pretty interesting. How about 400 horsepower and 37 miles per gallon? And a torque figure that makes the E39 M5’s V8 look wimpy.

Admittedly, the engine revs to less than 6,000 rpm, and there’s no glorious engine note whatsoever, but as a powerplant for the street, doesn’t a 400 horsepower diesel that returns 37 mpg beat a raucous V8 that seems to be best friends with gas stations along your route? And how about torque that’s available a few thousand rpms lower than the S62’s? To be sure, the S62 found in the E39 M5 would trump the M Performance diesels at the track. But isn’t the 5-series M meant to be rapid transport for the enthusiast executive? Given those parameters, the new M diesels are worthy of a serious look instead of outright dismissal.

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