E39 M5 Touring Wagon Never Made It – Too Bad

This would have been a real sleeper of an M5.  I would have bought one for sure.  World Autos Guide has published some great shots of what the wagon looks like.  You can’t actually buy one, because they were never built.  BMW wanted to call it the “Touring” model…weird why they would do that, but did.  I guess is was to try and not make it so obvious that the car was a wagon?  An e39 m5 wagon was and still is an awesome idea in my opinion.


You can see more photos of this car here:  http://www.bmwblog.com/2009/10/30/photos-bmw-m5-touring-e39/

But really, who cares?  The four pipes and beautiful lines make for an awesome car anyway. The bottom line is that it was an “m Wagon” and it would have kicked a$$.  Maybe BMW should consider bringing back the wagon for the E60 successor in 2010?  Audi seemed to do a really good job with their wagon and had no issues with it – although it was a four wheel drive car.

What do you think?

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