E39 M5 Oil Change How To

I’ve just added a new video to the Guide on how to change you own oil either with the ol’ school method or the top side method on the E39 M5.

There are pros and cons to boths oil change methods as you’ll learn in this video.  Had I just done a topside oil change, I would have missed the power steering hose leak that we discovered while underneath the car.  :(

The good news I didn’t learn about that while on a long stretch of deserted road somewhere!

In addition to recommending some useful products, I also outline all the tools you’ll need from the most basic stubby 10 mil driver, to a torque wrench, to different brands of topside fluid extractors.

Changing the oil on the S62 engine yourself is simple if you know what to do… and you’ll save at least $75.00 in labour each time from the $tealer.

You can log in to get the video here: http://www.m5videoguide.com/amember/login.php

e39 m5 oil change on s62 engine

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